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Florida Legislature: Vote NO on HB-87 - Unfair Foreclosure Law


Four Republican Florida Representatives are sponsoring a bill which:

1. Gives Bankers Unfair Advantage in Current Foreclosure Cases by retroactively changing the rules for pending foreclosure cases. This has always been forbidden under State and Federal law.
2. Allows Banks to foreclose on your property without being challenged
3. Provides a safe harbor allowing Banks to commit fraud that cannot be challenged later.
4. Makes it nearly impossible to defend a property foreclosure in Florida
5. Deprives Homeowner's of their right to be heard in court and encourages more fraud on the courts by Banks

The Sponsor is Kathleen Passidomo of Naples. Her largest campaign contribution sector in 2012 was Finance, Insurance and Real Estate which included contributions from Bank of America, BBT Bank, Wells Fargo, Florida Banker's Assoc, Garrett Richter (Founder of First National Bank of Florida) and AVIP Club (PAC money which represents Banking Interests) and Rep Jeff Brandes who is on the Board of Directors of Bay City Bank.

Co Sponsors include:

Matt Caldwell, of Lehigh Acres, who's largest contribution sector in 2012 was Finance, Insurance and Real Estate and who's contributors include Florida Banker's Assoc and American Bankers Ins.

George Moraitis, of Ft Lauderdale, who's largest contribution sectors in 2012 were the Republican National Party followed by Finance, Insurance and Real Estate Contributions. In addition to over $314,000 from the Republican Party in 2012, Mr Moraitis campaigned with money from Florida Bankers Assoc., Bank of America, Suntrust Bank, American Banker's Ins, JP Morgan Chase, Regions Bank and Wells Fargo.

Ray Rodrigues, of Ft Myers - While Mr Rodrigues provided most of his own campaign funding in 2012, he did receive contributions from entities with interest in the real estate industry. What is more interesting are position statements by Mr Rodrigues where he wants to "Cut Wasteful and Fraudulent Spending" and "Demand Accountability in Government". While this sounds good during campaign promises, it is inconsistent with his co-sponsorship of HB 87 which removes all accountability by the banks and allows them to file fraudulent foreclosures without punishment, accountability or retribution to the victims of their fraud.

Another inconsistency is Rep. Passidomo's, Caldwell's and Gonzalez's zeal to protect our 2nd Amendment Rights by cosponsoring HM 545 - The Right To Keep and Bear Arms but they have no problem sponsoring a bill destroying our 5th Amendment Rights which guarantee that no citizen shall be deprived of their property without due process of law.

Lawmakers refused to punish the bankers, but they are brutally punishing Florida families by using the $5 million paid by the banks as part of the fraudclosure settlement to assist them in pushing undocumented and illegal foreclosures through the courts making even more Floridians homeless.
In case you aren't angry enough, find out what REALLY happened to the American economy, your money, your home and life as you knew it at
ACT NOW to STOP Florida legislators from allowing the unchecked greedy bankers to throw your family out on the street without due process of the law or any recourse against their ongoing crimes. Petitions are more effective when you personalize your email.

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