Fix South Florida's Flood Control Structures

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As Hurricane Irma barreled towards South Florida as a category 5 hurricane, people began to worry about its impact on Florida's Herbert Hoover dike around Lake Okeechobee and other local flood control structures. If burst, the dike would unleash a massive amount of water, flooding Glades, Hendry, Martin, Okeechobee, and Palm Beach counties with up to 5 feet of water. All of the structures are aging, underfunded, and in need of repair.

Though the hurricane passed without hitting the dike full force, these areas are still in danger. The 143 mile dike around Lake Okeechobee has been eroding, and its water levels are the highest they have been in 12 years. Therefore, there is a risk that the dike will overflow and cause flood damage to local communities. Yet, repairs are not expected to be completed until 2025. Next time a hurricane comes, it may not be a close call.

Sign our petition to demand that US Congress, the Florida Congress and Senate, and the US Army Corp of Engineers prioritize funding for the dike so that it can be completed by 2020. 


A year-long review of the South Florida Water Management District’s operations and maintenance program found the annual allotment set aside for repairs to levees, canals and water control structures should be about $88.5 million, while the actual budget averages only $53 million.

Sign our petition petition to demand that $2 million for the repair and maintenance costs of South Florida's flood structures is added to the 2018 budget.

The Florida Congress approved $50 million of Rick Scott’s requested $200 million to to help advance the project. However, the project is estimated to cost $1.6 billion. More funds are needed.

A $400 billion spending bill just passed by Congress and Trump includes $10.43 billion for the Army Corps of Engineers to spend on hurricane relief. Currently, the Corps is “still researching” and “analyzing” how they want to spend the money. Help us convince them to make funding dike repairs a priority.

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