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Petitioning In Florida we need to change the laws for the catastrophic worker like Sam!

Florida law needs change for the catastrophically injured worker like Sam! Workers suffer because of an oversight in law!

My son was shot two times at work during a robbery at CVS and fights for medical needs. A law was introduced in Florida in 2003 that stopped people from abusing workers compensation. This same law was applied to the folks labeled as catastrophically injured. People that fall off of 10 story building or shot like my son at work and live are labeled at induction to the hospital as a catastrophic injury. A law that changed in Florida allows companies to change or select the doctor seen by the employee at any time. My son had two jobs with fantastic health benefits but was shot at his part time job at CVS Pharmacy in Tampa, unable to use his own bought and paid for health insurance. Sam struggles to get from a bed to a wheelchair, but after changing his primary doctor, a doctor who lives in Florida 6 months and Hawaii 6 months a year, he testified that my son Sam can walk and work. Sam struggles daily for life, Legislators like Ed Hooper, bought and paid for keep this law intact for the catastrophically injured. I saw my state Legislator for help and he lied to me about not being able to change this law in 2009. I saw Ed Hooper on Sept 24th, 2012 at a debate and he didn't remember me until I was shaking his hand, looking in his eyes and told him my name. Catching him off guard, he was afraid and didn't know what to say when he heard my name. While standing with others during this meeting he laughed nervously at me and said legislators won't allow this change. All were surprised by his response, because this is all unbelievable. Caught red handed this man and others have taken the lives of others for payment from special interest. Read more at

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  • In Florida we need to change the laws for the catastrophic worker like Sam!

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