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Petitioning Representative Alan Grayson and 9 others

Florida law makers: Legalized Cannabis for all possible uses.

Cannabis is a plant of various purposes and uses. This plant generates an estimated multi-billion dollar revenue annually. Its legalization alone can stabilize our economy. It is harmless to those who has used it daily for the majority of there lives. Cannabis has not caused a single fatality in its duration on this planet. Cannabis can produce hemp: a plant that has many uses including the production fabrics for clothing and paper. Cannabis is used for medical purposes that rage from treatment to cures. It is used for oil, fuel, housing, food, inspiration, religion, recreation, and much more. Cannabis has been known as the miracle plant because its uses seem endless. The prohibition of cannabis has only lead to massive amounts of tax payers' dollars being squandered away on the arrests, prosecutions, and imprisonment of non-violent American citizens. Cannabis is the answer to a vast portion of America's problems. Please opt to remove all laws that pertains to cannabis!

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Representative Alan Grayson
President of the United States
Florida State Senate
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Florida State House
U.S. Senate
U.S. House of Representatives
Senator Marco Rubio
Representative Frederica Wilson
Senator Bill Nelson
Florida Governor
Legalized Cannabis for all possible uses.
As more and more research is done it is becoming more aware that cannabis is more beneficial to our state and country than is harmful. Actually, the only harm it causes is via the War on Drugs. All individuals incarcerate or convicted as a result of Florida's current cannabis laws should pardoned and released immediately. Because of cannabis medicinal attributes, no individual should be prohibited from using it. Please help us save our great state of Florida by legalizing cannabis for all.