Justice For Jamar Rollins

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On December 30th, 2016, 21-year-old Jamar Rollins was driving his car, while Devin Smith a was passenger. Both Jamar and Devin were leaving a convenience store, when cops, Andrew Garcia and Jesus Coto pulled Jamar over for allegedly “driving erratically.” Both Coto and Garcia were dressed in plain clothing and driving an unmarked car.  In the complaint it is stated that upon Jamar stopping the car, passenger Devin Smith jumped out and ran, which led undercover cop Garcia to chase him. The report also concluded that Garcia stopped at the passenger side, coming in direct contact with Jamar. Undercover cop Coto mentions he saw Garcia fire off several shots at Rollins while still in the car.  

In actuality several witnesses in the area reported seeing Officer Garcia go after Devin Smith and Jamar complying with the detective Coto’s directives. Jamar stepped outside of the car with his hands and was shot six times by officer Coto and was left to die.

The Complaint filed by Rollins attorney further reveals a throw-down weapon was placed at the scene to support the false allegation of self-defense. Witnesses recalled seeing Officer Coto flee the scene while Officer Garcia tampered with evidence. We now know it was so Coto could go home and change his clothing. Both Officer Garcia and Officer Coto continue to refuse to give account what happened that tragic day. Regardless of relevant facts and the continued holes in the story undercover cops Garcia and Coto were placed on a three-day administrative leave, putting these killers in a position to continue discriminate and kill more innocent Black lives. Both Officers have a history of violence against the public. Both Officers did nothing as Jamar bled out. Both Officers are responsible for his unjust death.

In an effort to seek justice, please sign this petition expressing your concern. Bring justice for Jamar Rollins, his son and his family. Demand these officers be taken off duty, pension cut and that the case be tried.

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