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Florida House of Representatives: 'NO' to House Bill 231 - Stop Florida Alimony Reform

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It's anti-woman, anti-family & anti-alimony. 

Alimony reform would largely effect stay-at-home caregivers.  Although it's gender-neutral, the reality is that men account for more than 90 percent of alimony payers, according to census stats.  That's largely because men generally make more money.  And more women than men stay at home.

*In 2008, 39.8 million people - 13.2 percent of Americans - were in poverty.  We know that the poverty picture has worsened in 2009, and these new numbers reflect only the first part of the current economic downturn.

Women are more likely even in better economic times to face poverty than men, and unmarried woman have higher poverty rates than married women.  Elderly:  More than one in five (22 percent) woman living in poverty are elderly woman age 60 and older.  Losing a husband to divorce can be devasting to women's quality of life and greatly increase risk of poverty. 

Unmarried women - particularly unmarried mothers and the elderly - represent the largest share of adults in need of government services, such as public assistance, housing assistance, and food stamps.

Because the vast majority (95 percent) of today's elderly population has married at some point, older women who are poor are almost all previously married.  Many currently unmarried mothers were married at some point also, but too often the loss of a husband greatly increases a family's likelihood of falling into poverty.  In 2008, 36 percent of poor unmarried mothers were divorced.


This bill reduces the length and amount of all future alimony awards; eliminates permanent alimony and allows a retroactive termination or a reduction of existing alimony rewards.  This bill is one-sided and protects the person paying alimony without regard for the alimony recipient. 

I respectfully urge you to vote NO on House Bill 231 as it provides an unfair advantage to alimony payors and does not take into consideration the spouse who sacrificed careers to support families through raising children caring for the home performing the duties of a tradtional marriage.

Every time people make wrong decisions, there is an impact, even if they don't immediately notice it. 

Vote NO to House Bill 231. 





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