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The Dunn Law

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A disabled man, Jamel Dunn from Cocoa, Florida in Brevard county, came up missing and was discovered to have drowned in a pond. Several days later a video of teenagers between the ages of 14-16 was posted on Facebook of the teens recording his death while he was struggling to live and breathe. They found it entertaining and watched a man while he drowned to death. To make matters worse, they mocked him, cussed at him, and told him that they would not help him as he begged and cried for help and took his last breaths. The entire time this was taking place, they were filming this. They had no regard to help or to even call for help. The Cocoa Police Department was unable to charge them because they say there is no legal obligation to help someone who is dying.

The family is asking that there be a Dunn Law to be put in place in the event one purposely records the death of an individual and does nothing to attempt to call for help. Which they should be held accountable by a court of law and that it be a punishable offense, a crime, to stand around and do something so; appalling, awful, cruel, detestable, disgusting, dreadful, heinous, hideous, offensive, shameful, shocking, terrible, terrifying, ungodly, unholy, and unkind.

The entire community is outraged and disgusted by what those teens did by just standing by, recording, and mocking someone as he begged for his life to be saved. And even more horrendous the fact that they will not be charged. 

Please consider helping to have this idea to be passed as a law and examined by the Florida government. 

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