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Stop the useless testing in schools!

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These days, we've got some standards to live up to in school, aside from the useless subjects we're taught like math and science, students have an absurd amount of tests to take. FSA's, EOC's, Diagnostics, Little quizzes that the state gives us to test our "knowledge" on pointless things we will never use in our lives. I asked a handful of adults on whether they've used math, or science in their daily life, of course they told me that they use addition and multiplication and a bit more of the basics, but they never needed to find x, or find the angle of a triangle! But i'm getting ahead of myself, we need to STOP with all this tremendous amount of tests! Teachers don't even like it and you're forcing students to stress about some dumb test we won't have to worry about for the rest of our lives outside of school, YOU can help make this happen, little at a time the YOUTH of the U.S. will finally change the outdated education system and make the department of education get off their butts and actually work on a better way for us to advance towards our goals.

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