Stop Electric Monopolies in Florida

Stop Electric Monopolies in Florida

February 1, 2022
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Started by Lottie Finney

“The Florida Supreme Court unanimously rejected a proposed constitutional amendment that would have overhauled and deregulated the state’s electric utility industry”
“But the possibility of “energy choice” on the 2020 ballot has unleashed a storm of protest by Florida’s utilities, the state attorney general and senate president, and state business groups.”

”Electricity then would be sold by new companies competing for consumers. Some of those companies would invest in new more, energy-efficient energy generation for the state as well.

Rich Blaser, founder and CEO of Gainesville-based Infinite Energy, began the quest toward an open electric market in Florida. 
“We would like to enter the market, and many of our competitors would like to enter the market,” Blaser said.”

”He said Florida is finally making big strides in solar and he doesn’t want to see that disrupted. Hard-won net metering, which allows consumers to receive an energy credit for rooftop solar, could potentially be eliminated in a competitive retail market, he said. But in a deregulated market, there’s no guarantee that FPL or another utility would get a return on its investment for a new energy efficient plant.

“So they will stop making investments,” Stephen Smith, executive director said.”

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JUL 19, 2019
JAN 09, 2020

We need to stop the electric monopolies in Florida. These companies have been protected long enough. We are tired of paying a higher cost on our electric bills, for storm damage, new equipment, big profits to the CEOs of these companies 

We need to be allowed to at least be able to vote for ourselves. The Florida Supreme Court should not have the right to take our voting rights away. We are being over charged, treated like trash when we try and get customer support. 
This would not happen if they knew as customers we could just go to another company. We are their customers it’s time we are treated as a customer. 
That will not happen until they have competition. Monopolies are wrong and Florida needs to stop protecting them.  

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Signatures: 9Next Goal: 10
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