Governor DeSantis, Collier County: Protect Florida farmworkers during the COVID-19 crisis!

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Without farmworkers, there is no food. Take action now to stand with Immokalee.

Tens of thousands of supporters have already signed our petition urging Gov. Ron DeSantis to protect the Immokalee farmworker community from the COVID-19 pandemic.

If nothing is done, coronavirus will carve through the state’s agricultural workforce like wildfire and decimate Florida’s economy. We know when we work together to address the critical needs facing our community, we can make a real difference. That’s why we’re asking you to take the next step and make a call. 

Gov. DeSantis has the power to prevent the coronavirus from devastating not just the Immokalee community, but Florida’s entire agricultural industry.

Click here to make a call now.

After you click, you’ll be redirected to instructions and talking points to make sure you’re ready to amplify farmworkers’ call for critical health care in Immokalee. 

Together we can slow the spread of the virus, protect tens of thousands of essential workers, and save the state’s agricultural industry from ruin. Thank you for taking action with us. 

-- Coalition of Immokalee Workers

Coalition of of Immokalee Workers
6 months ago