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Petitioning Florida Governor Rick Scott

Please create a "Florida Animal Abuse Hotline."

We need a state hotline and database to report animal abuse and save animals' lives. 

Letter to
Florida Governor Rick Scott
Florida Governor Rick Scott,

We greatly need your support at this time. We would like your assistance in helping to create a Florida Abuse Hotline for Animal Abuse. Where anyone could call to report abuse anonymously and professionals would be mandated to report animal abuse. The operator would determine if the report would be accepted and document the abuse. If the report is accepted then the operator would call either local animal services, Florida Fish and Wildlife, and/or police to investigate. In order to break the cycle on animal abuse we need to be able to report it.

The Florida Animal Abuse Hotline would not only be a great investment for our animals but it would also be a great investment for our communities and our state. Thousands of animals’ lives would be saved every year. Saving animals lives would also save human lives. Many people that abuse animals also abuse humans. Animal abuse and animal abusers would also be documented in the hotline database which would create an animal abuse registry for the state. Evidence compiled in the database could also be used to prosecute animal cruelty cases. This would create jobs for our economy and make our communities a safer place to live. Animal abuse is a global problem that requires a community solution.

Animals may be the silent victims of abuse, but we must be their voice. They may not speak our language but they have feelings. If animals are being abused it is our responsibility to protect them. Animals and children both depend on the kindness of others to care for them. They are members of our communities and part of our families. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Florida’s moral progress will now depend on your decision, Governor Scott. Progress takes time, but we can make a difference.


Jessica Thomas

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