Fix the Florida Sex Offender Registry

I'm signing because I am a registered sex offender who got swept up in an illegal sting that was posted on an ADULT website. I am now FORCED to serve what is essentially a life sentence for a crime where there was no victim and were I had already served time in prison for. I have been out of the "care" of the Florida DoC for over 6 months now and I am still unemployed due to employers not wanting to hire a "sex offender." I cannot attend college on campus because I'm "too much of a risk." I'm still constantly looking over my shoulder and walking on egg shells for fear of someone looking me up and harrassing and/or attacking me and/or my family! These laws are hurting people who only want a second chance at life, but are being denied.

Joshua Burns-Rivera, Cockeysville, MD, United States
6 years ago
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