Fix the Florida Sex Offender Registry

Sadly their are way too many registered citizens on the list that don't deserve to be there. My husband is one of them. The state of Florida will put anyone on the list, even if it was peeing in public to two teenagers. Now don't get me wrong as a mother I would like to know where the "real" people are that have issues. But I would also like to know where the people are that have gotten DUI's or manslaughter charges too, but I am not permitted to know that. I am not given a flyer on that one. How about the known drug dealers? Nope let them out and continue to deal. It's called being a parent and watching your child. My husband served his time and will continue to serve a time a lifetime of punishment for a crime that their were no known victims for a file he didn't know was on his computer. That was proven in court. He will always have a shadow of doubt cast over him and can never see neices or nephews until they are of age. You tell me how that works.

Jody Williams, Palm Bay, FL, FL, United States
6 years ago
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