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Florida Governor Rick Scott and Florida Legislature: Release Antonio Reyes or give him a new trial

Please sign our petition on behalf of our friend Tony Reyes, who has been wrongfully convicted and incarcerated in a Florida prison for over 5 years. In June, 2007, Tony Reyes was walking his 3 month old puppy in the common area of his community. He got into an argument with a guy in the community. The guy had a shovel on his shoulder and proceeded to come after Tony with the shovel. Feeling threatened for his life, Tony pulled out his gun (which he had a carry permit for) and fired in self defense at the ground near the guy’s feet. One of the shots grazed his foot, with the bullet going into the side of his foot and coming out his heel. The guy then jumped into his truck and tried to run Tony over.

Tony should have been acquitted based on self defense and the “stand your ground” law. A case that should have been a misdemeanor assault, at most, turned into attempted murder. Suddenly, the judge and the prosecution tried to portray Tony as some deranged killer with an attack dog (the 3 month old puppy). The police botched the investigation and tainted the evidence, Tony’s trial attorney was incompetent and failed to call an expert witness and the judge and prosecution told the jury that Tony had attacked the alleged victim, who, they claim, was running away. The forensic evidence clearly shows that the exit wound was out through the back of the foot, proving that the victim was coming towards Tony, thereby proving that he had acted in self defense. Tony Reyes was convicted and sentenced to 25 years in prison for defending himself with a weapon that he was licensed to carry.

Tony hired a new attorney to appeal the conviction. He hired a forensic expert who testified that the exit wound was through the heel. The judge denied the appeal. They filed a motion for a new trial based on ineffective counsel – that was denied. It is almost as if the judges are afraid to re-open the case and give him a new trial because a new trial would show how they had railroaded an innocent man. We need the Florida Governor and Legislature to act to correct this horrible miscarriage of justice – to release him or give him a new trial – an innocent man is behind bars for defending himself and his property.

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