Release College Students From Off-Campus Housing Obligations During COVID-19 Pandemic

Release College Students From Off-Campus Housing Obligations During COVID-19 Pandemic

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This petition is calling for Governor DeSantis to take action to protect Florida college students from the financial burden of paying for off-campus housing by helping students either covering their rent or at least facilitating our ability to break our lease during this pandemic.

Florida universities have recommended students to return to their permanent residence to prevent the spread of the disease and on-campus residents received a refund for the time they will not be residing at the university.  However, even after this recommendation, students who reside in off-campus housing are left to pay monthly rent on their own.

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed a financial burden on college students throughout the United States. Despite the ability to work being directly stripped from us, students are still expected to fulfill their obligations to pay rent to off campus communities, even though many of them are direct affiliates of the universities.

Students are being overwhelmed by these circumstances as it has directly inhibited our ability to fulfill our financial obligations and made studying even more difficult for those of us tasked with the challenge of having to care of our more vulnerable family members. For weeks, the federal government quarreled over the $2 trillion stimulus package that did little to quell the concerns of students across the country because many of us do not qualify for any stimulus checks. Many of us fall as dependents on our parents tax returns, or fail to meet some other arbitrary quota outlined in the bill, thus leaving us in a uniquely unjust predicament that we hope Governor DeSantis can address.

Thousands of college students that DO NOT qualify for the stimulus check, are left without a job and without having a steady source of income or assistance from the government. We need the assistance from our state government during this difficult time.