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Protect our history for future generations!

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Protect our historical markers! Our history defines our country today, it is what made us who we are and the values we (should) be upholding.Whether anyone likes it or not; these monuments, markers, and statues do represent our local, community, state, and countries history. While everyone has the right to be offended by something, removing parts of our history will not benefit anyone and would only serve to cheat our future generations from learning their history. If we do so, we start trying to re-write history and forget about both the positive and negative events and lesson learned that we use to shape our culture and communities.

Just because a few individuals do not like something does not mean that it should be taken away; only to get everyone else upset in return. Leave our history alone, start treating each other like a fellow American and stop focusing on the color of skin. We all bleed red, and we all have these rights because others have bled for us, both to get and to keep them.

Many of these monuments honor families that lost members to wars, right or wrong these are now considered American Veterans and removing that monument is a slap in the face to ALL of our veterans! 

Therefore, I ask that the State of Florida enact a law, preventing the removal or destruction of any monument placed to honor our veterans (of any war as recognized by the United Stated Government). 

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