Proper treatment of inmates

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Breaking the silence for the voiceless on the ongoing battle of Florida’s fradulent legal system as well as corruption within their prisons, is something I’m here to express to you all today.

Florida has been known over a decade to have failed Many people legally and the Department Of Corrections to be operated unlawful until put under the spotlight in 2015 where one of their own, former veteran law officer and at the time happened to be a worker at the inspector general office expressed his concerns towards unlawful treatment of inmates, suspicious deaths, and outcry of civilians.

The outcome of the ultimate allegations became something swept under officials feet and described as “dragging their feet in reference to proper investigation and prison reform”! What I consider protecting if their own. 

Florida legal system has failed many from over sentencing, illegal error findings, double jeapordy, falsifying documents, and trying as well as granting things in favor of the district attorney without an inmate having any knowledge. Many inmates are currently awaiting their motions to be heard some waiting over a year. And this is the system supposedly designed to protect us ? I THINK NOT !

One if the county’s known to experience all of these errors mentioned above would be Broward County.

In addition, to the correctional facilities inmates have experienced false charges by correctional officers, security levels tampered with so an inmate remains stagnant, provided no copies of their grievances, visitations revoked on no grounds, and the smuggling of a number of things in exchange for money. THERE IS PROOF !

Jackson Correctional Institution in Malone Florida is known for these very things happening. 

When seeking help you have to go through a chain of command which many have exhausted, and individuals responsible do not care to act ethical under any circumstance because they believe their careers are “Protected”!!

Where is Justice when you need it ?!! In the hands of criminals ...

My question is to Governor Rick Scott and other officials in the state Capitol who oversee these things.... Did you all forget the meaning behind prison ??

Prison is designed to punish individuals for their actions with time BUT throughout the process fully rehabilitate them so they are aware of their actions and able to become law abiding citizens upon release.

Upon being sentenced every inmate is developed a plan or course of action to follow. Which ya taxpayers are responsible in contributing to, the very programs most inmates are denied in utilizing. 

How DARE YOU ALL construct a system that is said to be just under GOD as your very own sworn oaths, that demoralize individuals all the way down to nothing but their last bit of hope.

God is an all seer of what YOU DO and nothing goes unnoticed and this is the beginning, I WILL NOT SHUT UP !!

Reformation of Florida courts and DOC need to be looked at and remade new.

These individuals in position of authority are responsible in ensuring proper discipline, protect them, as well as rehabilitate, in which the state has failed at miserably .... is that why you continue to invest billions into prison???

These individuals in these select positions seem to come from a background of greed, deceit, and in my eyes the REAL CRIMINALS. Violating the human rights of many....

I hope whomever reads this seek TRUTH in all areas overlooked...

That Florida legal system and Department Of Corrections begin to follow the ethical codes which they are to adhere to, and Justice upholds it’s lawful meaning! In serving and protecting our citizens and inmates...