Petition to enact The Jamel Dunn Act

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On July 12, 2017 a disabled Cocoa man was reported missing by his fiance. For two days this family pleaded on social media for anyone who knew of the whereabouts of their family member to please contact them. In the meantime they conducted their own searches to no avail. No phone calls we're made, no posts we're answered. After two horrific days of looking they had received their answer. Jamel had been found. His body was recovered from a lake where he had drowned. As if things could not get any worse and as they we're searching for answers as to why, how, when? Questions any family member would ask, They receive word that a video is circulating on social media chronicling the death of their loved one. What's worse is that the video shows five individuals had not only witnessed this drowning but they also refused help while mocking, ridiculing and terrifying this man until he died. They then proceeded to say nothing for days while this man's family searched for him desperately. The only action they took was to social media as they we're proud of their heinous act. But there was still another blow waiting for this family. They would be informed that this tragic and inhumane act held no legal consequences. Imagine for a minute that this was your family member. That not one but five teenagers stood idly by while your family member died a terrifying death while pleading for help only to be ignored and laughed at, ridiculed, and told no help is coming. What can you do you ask? You can ensure that this never happens again. You can ensure this man did not die in vain. How? We are asking as citizens that you enact the Jamel Dunn act which would require citizens in the event that a human is suffering a medical emergency, or in the event of a tragic accident which would and or could result in serious bodily injury or death, that you are required by law to place a call for help. We also ask that failure to do so should result in legal ramifications. This tragedy has brought to light a terrifying gap in our laws and your own cocoa police chief Michael Cantaloupe said himself today this gap needs to be closed. So we the citizens of Florida implore you to make this change. You can see to it that not one senseless act of carelessness like this happens again. At least not without consequences. Thank you for listening. Signed, Your Citizens