Its about my 1 year 3 month old son that cause I live in Florida the father has no rights

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On October 30th, 2016 Kenneth Bentley Hagan, my beautiful baby boy, was brought into this world in the state of Florida at 5:05pm, weighing in at 6lbs 6oz.

In the state of Florida fathers have no rights, custody wise, if they are not married to the mother. I am currently fighting for custody of my son. His mother had temporarily signed over her rights to her father 8 months ago, after I had asked her not to. Unbeknownst to me, she went ahead and signed them over and then did not return for him. She called me 5 months later crying because she had lost custody of him, due to abandonment, to Kenneth's maternal grandfather. Because of this, I now must get a lawyer and prove to the court that I am fit to have custody of my own son who I have been fighting to be with for his whole life.

My name is on birth certificate. I have a wonderful job and support system, but my lawyer fees are $6,350. I can't afford it in the allotted time he has given me to pay it. They are now attempting to have my son’s maternal grandfather fully adopt him completely against my will, and that is why my lawyer fees are so high and action needs to be taken quickly.

I humbly ask that you please help. I want to raise my son and be a part of his life. I have not been able to see him without supervision, and this was not court ordered, we have never been to court before this. They have blocked me, and my entire family, from his life. They have now moved and no one knows where they went. I ask that if you can donate, anything helps. I also have a petition you can sign for free on I thank you all in advance, from the bottom of my heart and will continue to update everyone that donated through this process.

Let's get Kenneth home. A boy needs his father just as much as a father needs his boy.