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I need ALL the help I can get for my sons' freedom. PLEASE READ! I'M IN NEED OF THE WORLD

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My name is Jennifer Kemp and I will talk to anyone who will listen.  My son Malcolm Spitzer of Orlando, Florida was accused on numerous occasions of committing crimes he did not do, because he fit the description.  They never tried to find out or admit they knew of another person who fit the same description. Finally he was arrested right before

Thanksgiving 2014. Case# 2014-CF-015418-A-O. At that time I was able to hire a private attorney  Mark Bender of Orlando, Florida with a payment plan. He filed a motion and the victim was present at the hearing and said it wasn't my son. He had never seen him before. When the lawyer showed him the picture of the of the real perpetrator of the crime he immediately said, that's him. My son was released that day. As many days have passed by since I ask myself,  why didn't you just let him sit there and maybe and then they would have to look for the actual person who continued to commit these crimes, but as a mother I couldn't allow my son to sit there during the holidays for a crime he didn't commit and I could afford an attorney at that time. It didn't stop there. On several occasions Orange County Deputies came to my home and had my son stand on the sidewalk while they had yet another victim trying to identify their attacker. Each and EVERY time they said it wasn't my son and he was free to come back in the house. On July 18, 2015 some months down the road my son was accused of murdering a man. The witness said it was my son. This witness also practically gave the police the murder weapon by making a tip that the police could find it in the trunk of a car in the complex where we both resided at the time. The FDLE found multiple DNA'S on the gun,  but not my sons' DNA. The witness is related to the same person that had been committing these other crimes. Her sister has a child by him.  Case# 2015-CF-009737-A-0. If you go to ALL of these records are public records. My son has always maintained his innocence,  but this time he wasn't so lucky to have a paid private lawyer.  He was represented by Robert Larr from the public defenders office. My son put in a motion to fire him, but was denied. I did All i could, even helping with the discovery paperwork and pointing out ALL of the inconsistencies. Giving him factual proof where she's given false statements. There was no evidence proving my son committed this crime,  just like before. Except this time the victim and her sister and her friend testified and were constantly caught in lies, but for some reason the Public Defender didn't use his factual documents. This is injustice at it's finest.  This email was sent to me by the PD and he doesn't even seem to know the month or year he's in. I know this is very much to take in, BUT it's true. Please, open your heart or any resources you may have or know about. If you don't have anything other than your signature I'm grateful for that. Maybe you know someone who knows someone who can help. Anything you can do is helpful for my family.  I won't be here forever,  we will all be called home one day. I need someone to help my boy. I'm basically ALL he has on earth right now, BUT if you will open YOUR HEARTS YOU CAN BECOME HIS AND MY ANGELS ON EARTH.  THANK YOU FOR READING. I need ALL the help Anyone has to offer as soon as possible.  Thank YOU again to Everyone in advance. 

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