Governor DeSantis Needs to Close Florida Daycares During Corona Pandemic

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As of March 29,  the state of Florida has seen the number of Covid 19 cases surge to 4,246, and 56 Florida residents have died. Less than a week ago we had 500.  This exponential increase in Corona virus cases is due in great part, to the inaction of Florida's governor, Ron DeSantis, who continues to place Florida residents' lives at risk by playing verbal and political games instead of tackling the global pandemic that is about to descend upon our state with the same destruction we've seen in NY and elsewhere.  

One positive step Governor DeSantis could take would be to close the daycares in the state of Florida.  All public schools and colleges have been closed.  We now have cases of infants and toddlers who have the virus. 

Governor DeSantis could create centers, with improved hygiene and sanitation, for the children of essential workers. But to allow babies and toddlers to possibly be exposed to the virus, or to increase their chances of carrying it back to their families, is unacceptable.  We must be better than that as a state, and those in government must provide strong leadership in challenging times.  Protect the children and families of Florida: Close the daycares!