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Remove Sheriff Ric Bradshaw from Office.

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We, the Undersigned, call for the immediate removal of Ric Bradshaw from the Office of Sheriff of Palm Beach County. Mr. Bradshaw's premature, callous and insensitive response to the shooting of Seth Adams, an unarmed citizen on his own property of a deputy is a clear-cut indication that he is unfit to continue in the capacity of Sheriff. The most recent incident and the response of the Sheriff has resulted in an outcry from the citizens who have voiced their distrust with the Sheriff, along with members of his agency. This incident coupled with many others, demonstates glaring issues of malfeasance in office such as his unwillngness to open his detailed budget to the public; his not allowig the Inspector General to identify corruption, his wasteful spending; his actions which have brought many civil rights issues, complaintes and discriminatory practices within the agency. Ric Bradshaw believes he does not have to be goverened or have accountability to those he has sworn to serve. He is not serving in the best interest of the citizens of Palm Beach County, and We, the Undersigned, demand his immediate removal from office.

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