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Vacate Conviction or Sentence

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Dear Governor Rick Scott,  President Donald Trump ,Senators and Congressmen,  Florida Representative Dennis Baxley ,

The family of Shawn Juntunen (prisoner # K78964, case # 562007CF4292) request that Shawn Juntunen's sentence and/or conviction on the charge of second degree murder be vacated, overturned or repealed.  

Shawn Juntunen's plea agreement was accepted by the court on December 9, 2007.  It is now widely documented by criminologists that "The Plea Mill" is a leading cause, if not the leading cause, of wrongful convictions in the United States (Examining Wrongful Convictions, P. 130, Carolina Academic Press). 

We cite the following reasons why the plea agreement, signed by Shawn Juntunen in St. Lucie County, Florida on December 6, 2007,  is illegitimate and should be nullified:

1) Separate reconstructions by the eminent forensic scholar, Dr. Werner Spitz, and The Archangels of Justice PI firm of Pt. St. Lucie, Florida verify Juntunen's claims of self-defense. 

 2)  Two witnesses verify Juntunen's version of events.  The "crime scene" was never roped off and was left open for 2.5 days during which time friends of the alleged victim built a memorial and hung out together while the supposed murder weapon was still missing. 

 3)  The knife he supposedly used was never DNA tested and doesn't match the injury that killed Tim Bergman, nor was he ever given the opportunity to physically examine the knife. The knife the state claims Mr. Juntunen used measures 3.5  inches while the injury is an inch deeper and no hilt marks were found.   

 4)  Footprints at the scene of the event verify Juntunen's version of events.

 5) The state presented him with an incorrectly filled out sentencing scoresheet, indicating he was facing Life when a life sentence was not mathematically required, given the sentencing points. 

 6)  Moreover, the sentencing scoresheet  is dated a full month after the plea bargain was signed.  Juntunen never had the opportunity to notice the mathematical error (or deception) described above.  Attorney Scott Richardson obviously did not go over the scoresheet with his client. 

7) Shawn Juntunen plea bargained at the insistence of his lawyer.  This was a sudden and unexpected reversal on the part of attorney Scott Richardson.  Unknown to all but lawyer Richardson and the state, he had already been appointed to Chief Prosecutor of Palm County, Florida  -- which position he filled three weeks after the plea agreement was signed.

8) Shawn Juntunen's injuries are defensive in nature as described by Dr. Werner Spitz. 

9) A slight adjustment of the hue in Shawn's arrest photo reveals he was already starting to turn blue around the neck and eyes ("raccoon eyes"), consistent with the strangle hold that prompted him to kill in self-defense.

10) An enlargement of his eyes reveal busted blood vessels known as petechial injuries, a sign of strangulation -- according to forensic work done by Archangels of Justice.

11) His lawyer, a man of questionable character, was subsequently dismissed from his Palm County Chief Prosecutor position ON ETHICS VIOLATIONS!

12) Friends and family describe Shawn Juntunen as a young man of good character; Juntunen had no prior criminal record.

13) The state's witnesses had drug paraphernalia in their vehicle on the night of the event; not exactly witnesses beyond reproach.

14) Tim Bergman (alleged victim) was stoned to the point of zero pain reception; Juntunen was in a position where it might well have been impossible to subdue his opponent without fatal retaliation.

15) Simple logic tells us that the strangulation occurred prior to the retaliatory stabbing that saved Shawn's life as Bergman would have been in no condition to apply a strangle hold after the fatal stab wound.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.  Please act as swiftly as the law allows in reversing or vacating Shawn Juntunen's conviction or in vacating his sentence and or terminating His 10 years probation .

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