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I'm kind of at a loss - I'm not sure where else to turn or who to go to about this. I'm in Ocala FL. Last month my 4 year old daughter Haley was getting picked on at her daycare (Kinderoo in Ocala). Oct 8th or 9th she came home and said a boy named Barron in her class hit her in the nose and slapped her in the arm - the following day I told the teachers and the boy was reprimanded by not being able to get a toy at the end the week. Then on Oct 14th Haley comes home with a black eye and said the boy Barron punched her because she wanted to get up off the carpet and he wouldn't let her. I notified the teachers immediately and told them if this happens again I was contacting DCF and Marion County Sheriffs Office and the directer Martha swore they would keep them separated (even though they were still in the same class because they refused to move him). The following week Haley came home with bruising but wouldn't say where they came from. Some where just little circular bruises and there were a handful of large bruises. I know how active she is (this is a child that does headstands on wood floors and slides around in socks - she's fearless). On Oct 27th DCF and the Sheriffs office came knocking on my door and they drag Haley to the Kimberlys Center in Ocala to get interviewed and inspected by the Child Protection Team. They then send her to the hospital to get a few blood tests done to see if these bruises are a medical condition but the limited number of tests didn't show any abnormalities. So DCF then decides they are going to take both of my children because we couldn't explain where the bruises came from. They would not accept "We honestly don't know - we didn't do it and we aren't there when she's at daycare". So they remove both of my kids - Haley, age 4 and Brooke, age 2. Luckily (the only lucky thing in this whole situation) is that my parents live 15 minutes away and took the children to keep them from going into foster care. My four year old Haley was taken from our house around 3pm on the 27th and was toted around from the Child Protection Team office, to the hospital and then to the DCF office. We arrived at the DCF office around 9:30/10pm and they refused to let us stop to get her something to eat even though she hadn't eaten since noon when she got home from school (so much for wanting what is best for her?). So they dragged my exhausted, traumatized, starving four year old into a room, alone with 3 people and they proceeded to interrogate her and strip her to photograph her (without me or my mother present). They didn't tell us and we didn't know until we saw the photos 2 days later. After they interrogated her they stated that she said Daddy punched her in the back - which I know for a fact is false, he's never laid a hand on her and never would. She had little circles around her spine and they said it looked like knuckles and refused to listen to logic that if an adult ever punched a child in the back - there would be a lot more injuries than bruising and it didn't/doesn't look anything like "knuckles".

Midnight rolls around and DCF comes and takes my youngest daughter Brooke and they all go to my parents house so the DCF lady can inspect their house before placing the children there. They pass the inspection and my kids finally get some peace and quiet.

Tuesday rolls around and the Child Protection Team wants to "interview" my daughter again - so my mom brings her there and she is left alone with the Child Protection Team interviewer and it's recorded.

That evening, I get a call from DCF and they tell me that there is a Shelter hearing on Wednesday (Oct 29th) and that my husband Brandon and I need to attend. We go and the judge says I am no longer allowed to stay the night with the kids at my parents house and that I am only allowed visitation with my mom in sight of us.

Thursday rolls around slowly and around 3:30pm a deputy comes banging on our door and asks to speak with Brandon. The second Brandon steps out the door, they arrested him on false Child Abuse charges. His bond is set to $15,000 so my parents immediately go to Regions and get a $15,000 cashier's check. When he is finally processed 6 1/2 hours later I go to the jail to bond him out but they refuse the $15,000 cashier's check "because they couldn't verify if the funds were available" and wouldn't listen to reason that a cashier's check is literally the bank verifying the funds! So Brandon spent the night in jail for something he didn't do, the jail deputy told me to come back at 9am when they could call the bank - so I get there just before 9am and they verify the check and then say "Oh sorry - he went to first appearance, he won't be available to speak to until around 1pm". I call around 1pm and they say "Sorry, we're delayed, it'll be around 3pm" - I call around 3pm and they said 3:30pm. Finally, around 3:30pm he's available to be bonded out. As we're bailing him out we discover the judge for some reason issued a no contact order not just for him not to see our kids, but he's not allowed to see me or come back home. So we bond him out and they say it will be between 4-6 hours before he's released. During that time, my parents scramble to find him a place and I pack his stuff to give to my parents since he isn't allowed home.

No charges have been filed as far as we know - yet he was still arrested.

No one has looked into the day care Kinderoo as to why they didn't make any official reports about the incidents that Haley reported and they acknowledged at the time (have photo proof of the black eye she got on Oct 14th). No one is asking the school why the abusive child remained in the class. Or why they waited until 12:08pm after I picked my daughter Haley up at noon to call? If abuse in the home is suspected why in the world would she be allowed to leave? Why not call DCF while she was still at the daycare so they could see her there? None of it is adding up - but DCF is not interested in the truth.

We need help. We have been told that they don't have to prove our guilt - we have to prove our innocence.

How do you go up against someone that has the power to destroy families and doesn't have a problem doing so? Where does the power hungry abuse end? Please - I am desperate for help getting this out there. People need to know how bad this is - how evil this agency is and how they have no desire to keep families together - they would rather rip them apart. It is happening to me and I pray it does not happen to you.

I don't know if it's necessary to put this, but to be frank: We never harmed our kids and we never would. (They've heard it all before, I know). I know I can speak for Brandon as well when I say those girls are our world. Their silly personalities, their laugh and their smiles. Haley's silly dance moves and Brooke's off key singing are what brightens our day. Their love and passion for animals is just like ours and we couldn't be prouder. They have manners and say please and thank you to people (which throws some people off hearing a small child being grateful for a cookie at Publix). They love smothering you in kisses and visiting their friends. They know when we go to the "pup store" for adoption events they get to play with dogs all day and are over the moon excited to show Daddy all the reptiles and birds. They love going to the park and having us push them on the swings or catch them when they fly down the slides. They love cuddling with us when we watch movies and crawling in to bed with us REALLY early in the morning or when they're trying to avoid bed time. These kids are our world and we do everything we can to PROTECT them, not harm them.

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