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Cry for help, A chance at life

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Twenty-five years ago, on October 16th 1992, Charles returned home to his apartment to find the woman he loved being beaten and raped. Upon entering his home Charles attempted to stop this heinous attack, where the man than changed his focus and came after Charles. As they struggled Charles’ girlfriend (Kristen) grabbed the closest thing she could find to stop him and hit the assailant with a jack handle. The assailant then grabbed Kristen and threw her into a wall, in continued fear for her life, Charles then grabbed the jack handle and proceeded to strike the assailant multiple times and continued until the fear subsided.

At the time of this horrible attack, Charles was 20 years old and Kristen was 18 years old. At this time in 1992  the United States was on a big push on all offences, (I.e.. McGruff the crime dog, take a bite out of crime). Where Charles and Kristen were charged for murder even with the mitigating  circumstances of the attack and attempted rape. Kristen was sentenced and served 2 and a half years. The medical evidence from Kristen’s horrific assault was not allowed in the trial process due to errors made by the public defenders.

On February 25 1994, Charles E Kelly was sentenced to 25 years to life, for murder. On October 16th, 2017 Charles will have served the mandatory 25 years of his court imposed sentence, where he is eligible for parole

In today’s society, this would not have been a crime but a LAWFUL ACT, to protect the woman Charles loved and his home. Today we have the crime of passion and stand your ground laws. Where both Charles and Kristen would have been only victims and not a notch in the belt of a new and hungry prosecutor trying to make a name for himself.

Charles parole hearing is set for June 7th 2017, where his possible parole release date will be set. Where we hope and pray for a fair and impartial hearing. Unfortunately, I do not see this as a foreseeable reality. As the Florida commission on offender review are not following any form of reasonable standards. The interviewer upon arriving at the institution for Charles interview, had already completed the entire packet to be submitted to the commission with a recommended date for possible release, inasmuch refused to utilize any mitigating factors. Excluded the required release plan required by the commission to be presented by Charles. This designated individual asked a total of five questions. 1. Do you have any tattoos? 2. Are you in a gang? 3.Do you have a savings account? 4. How do you feel about transitional housing? And 5. Do you have a problem with the lifers program?. In my opinion none of these questions are relevant to the process of considering the eligibility of parole.


The consideration of facts has been drastically reduced to a one-sided argument.


Charles, due to the act of passion protecting the woman he loved, had the possibilities of life cut short due to his incarceration. However, a great deal of challenges has been presented to Charles over the years to which he has risen to the challenge. Where all young adults struggle with life’s choices and controlling their emotions, Charles has learned to do both. While living in one of the most inhospitable environments imaginable Charles has managed to stay completely disciplinary action free. Twenty-five years without a disciplinary action against him, Also the completion of 35 different programs in preparation for re-entering society, ranging from spiritual, emotional and practical life skills. This to me shows that Charles has grown into a man of integrity, self-discipline and control. A man who clearly has mastered the ability to utilize a clear and conscious thought pattern in processing demanding situations. In as much I truly believe that Charles will be able to utilize these skills in society, to become a law abiding positive member with the potential to make a real and true contribution to all.

Should Charles be granted his parole, he has many options available to him as detailed in his parole packet. His Step father’s home in Virginia, his Brother’s home in Michigan, Best friend’s home in Virginia and the transitional home (Noah’s house) in Tampa Florida. He has a job waiting for him in Michigan and his choice of one of three vehicles.

Charles has served 25 years for his act of true love and passion. We pray that he will be given a fair and true chance at his parole hearing. We are praying that the commission will grant his freedom and allow Charles to be released on 10/16/2017.

We pray that you will take the time to sign this petition so that we can show and prove to the Commission of offender review that we believe in Charles. And that given the facts of the act of love and passion 25 years ago, todays laws and society would gladly have accept this act of passion, as the lawful defense of a loved one.


Thank you for your time and consideration in the LIFE of Charles E Kelly

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