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Florida Gov. Rick Scott: Help Celebrate Hug A Vegan Day 2013

My name is Jose. I think we all love animals! We find them cute, we care for them and we even share our homes with them.

Those in our homes are considered family, and like family, they receive love and affection. We kiss them, tickle them, play with them, and hug them. However, not all animals are able to receive all this love and care.

That's why "Hug A Vegan Day" exists the last Friday of September. Vegans save the lives of around 100 animals each year, and by participating in this event you are not only thanking vegans for caring for animals and saving their lives, you are also giving a hug to all the animals that were saved because of them. Plus you are sharing love and compassion with everyone.

That's why I'm asking Governor Rick Scott to not only participate in this year's "Hug A Vegan" day, but to proclaim it a state-wide 'holiday' as a way to show compassion for all living beings.

By signing my petition, you're not saying that you are vegetarian or vegan, but you agree this would be a cool thing for Governor Scott to support!

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