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Get rid of Florida Standardized Tests

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Florida is the only state in the United States to have unnessesary standardized tests. If other states around the United States dont need the extra tests, why should Florida need it? If we got rid of these tests, the teachers of Florida would be able to teach in a more creative way rather than going by what the state only wants the students to learn. How are we, the students, supposed to maintain the knowledge we get if we are always being tested after every little thing we learn. Why should a test like the FSA (Florida Standard Assessment) determine the final grade we get in a class. If a student has a B overall in the class, the FSA will drop that grade to a D. Stressing over the FSA is too much expecially when we, the students, already have the End of Course Exams, SAT, and ACT's to worry about. Instead of funding this test, the State of Florida should be spending funds to refernish schools that dont look or have the same things other schools do. The FSA isn't nessesary. If other states dont need extra tests, why should we have it?

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