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JOSH is a Blue and Gold Macaw parrot who currently lives at a vacation rental property.  He is alone in a barren cage with no toys, enrichment, no room to stretch his wings and many times without food and water.  A kind neighbor is feeding him peanuts.  When tenants rent the home, he is at their mercy for food or possible abuse.  JOSH is approximately 30 years old.  The owner has a large business in the Tampa area and does not live in the vacation home, which means JOSH is there alone most of the time.  His small cage hangs on the front porch where he is ALONE.  Looking out wishing he could be freed from his prison.  His cage is round and rusty with room for predators to get their paws on JOSH.  His perch is a makeshift baseball bat.  His owner recently returned from a trip out of the country while JOSH was left with no food and water.  JOSH needs to be taken out of this situation and placed in a sanctuary or with a loving family to get the care he deserves.  Macaws have the intelligence level of a two to five year old child and do not deserve to be neglected or abused by owners who do not care.  Florida Fish and Wildlife have been notified of the situation and have not seized the bird even though it clearly is a case of neglect and abuse.  Please help us to SAVE JOSH.

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