Bubba Deserves More!

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Two years ago our rescue was called to handle a neglect case in Winter Park/Orlando. The owner did not see any issues with his macaw being kept in a garage in 100 degree temperature with nothing but a food and water bowl. Animal services was contacted and after 30 days of constant calling they arrived to assess the situation. Animal services told us that the owner was meeting the requirements (basic needs) for a caged bird and that the only thing they could suggest was to add circulation of air to the garage. Bubba remained in the owners possession and we reluctantly discontinued our pursuit. Although, we occasionally would go by and check on Bubba through the window.

Here we are 2 years later, once again we receive a call from another concerned neighbor regarding the same guy and Bubba. We are now asking that the FWC get involved. Owner will not return my calls and Bubba sits in the dark garage, day in and day out alone. These beautiful creatures require SOCIALIZATION not ISOLATION. Help us get Bubba out of that garage and into a healthy loving environment. The law needs revision as there are more basic needs for these birds than just a cage, water and food. Animal services would rescue a dog locked in a car at 100 degree temps but does not find it necessary to save a bird in a garage with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees!



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