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Ban pet primates in Florida

Non-human primates are inappropriate as pets due to significant animal welfare, public health and safety, and conservation consequences. They are not domesticated animals and thus have complex, specialized needs that cannot be adequately met in the pet trade.

Primate welfare is threatened by standard practices in the pet trade such as premature separation of mothers and offspring, social isolation, and inadequate nutrition, housing, and medical care. Meeting their needs requires knowledge and resources rarely available in personal possession. When these highly intelligent and social animals are not provided appropriate care, it can result in serious physical and behavioral deficits.

Primates are wild animals whose natural instincts lead to aggression that cannot be controlled or untrained. Humans in contact with pet primates are at risk of attack, which can result in serious to life-threatening injuries. Zoonotic diseases can be transmitted between human and non-human primates, posing significant public health risks.

The pet trade threatens conservation internationally. Primates are illegally trafficked, posing serious threats to the preservation of wild populations. Keeping primates as pets in the U.S. undermines the work of conservationists in range countries educating against taking primates from the wild as pets. 

There are an estimated 15,000 pet primates in the U.S. Florida is among the states with the most prevalent trade. It needs to join the nearly 30 other U.S. states that have banned primates as pets. Doing so will protect individual primates, wild populations, and human safety. Please sign our petition to urge Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to ban personal possession of primates!

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