Bring Oscar Home

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Lexi Quigley
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Oscar is a baby raccoon who was abandoned and would have died, had we not rescued him. We obeyed state laws and filed for a permit to keep him and we were approved. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation later revoked our permit, and showed up at our house without warning, demanding to take him or charge and arrest me for a second degree misdemeanor because he was rescued from the wild and not purchased from a breeder.

Oscar is a very sweet and loving baby who had a great home here with us. He had free roam around our house and our yard and was a very happy and beloved pet. He had never been in a cage before and is now living in one. He does not have the aggressive and mean personality it takes to survive in the wild. Oscar is VERY domesticated. He knows his food comes from one of us from out of the fridge, he sleeps in bed with us and uses a litter box - all things that would be unreachable in the wild. He has never known anything other than us and his residential home. He will not survive in the wild. Raccoons are also very intelligent and emotional beings. Oscar imprinted on our family and truly loved us. He is most likely feeling lost, abandoned and depressed, having been ripped away from his home. HE DOES NOT DESERVE THIS!! 

The state claims that this is in his best interest, I strongly disagree. The state does not know Oscar or what is in his best interest.Oscar and our family should not have to pay the price for FWC's mistake. Please please sign our petition to help Oscar come HOME!!