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Florida Department of Revenue currently only gives the child support recipients new online access to child support updates and information on their case. It is an unfair system to the other parent. The obligors can only get information by mail, email, or phone call. Mail and email take over a month for a reply or have no reply at all, and phone calls are usually on hold for a wait time of 30minutes -1 hour at minimum with frequent disconnections and poor results on information updates with unhelpful operators. Both parents are the parents and care givers of the child, they should both be granted easy online access to their case information.

Current Online Access is as shown below:

Florida Department of Revenue Child Support e-Services

You can sign up for Child Support e-Services if:
• You are the parent or caregiver of a child
• You get child support services directly from one of the following:
o The Florida Department of Revenue
o The Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office
o The Manatee County Clerk of Court
Parents ordered to provide support cannot sign up for Child Support e-Services at this time.


With Child Support e-Services you can:

  • Access your information anytime
  • Update your address, phone number and other personal information
  • See actions taken on your case
  • See a summary of your support order if you have one
  • See payments made on your case if you have a support order
Letter to
Florida Department of Revenue Florida Department of Revenue
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Florida Department of Revenue.

Make Child Support e-Services accessible to BOTH parents.

Florida Department of Revenue, you currently do not allow parents ordered to provide support, to sign up for Child Support e-Services and only give the child support recipients online access to these services. It is an unfair system to the other parent. Both parents need important information updates on their case, equally and easily as possible.

Please make the necessary changes to grant both parents with Child Support e-Services online access to their case information.