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Immediate Medical Release for Dying Inmate

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This is a petition to the Florida Parole Board as we are trying to help get an elderly inmate with terminal lung cancer who has already served 38 years in prison for ROBBERY and assault (not murder).I have posted a picture taken from his wife's Facebook page of them years ago in hopes that you will see that these are people with a life, they made plans to build a life again and restore what was taken and now all of those plans have been shattered.  Raymond is terminal and he  clearly qualifies for medical release under Florida Chapter 947.149 We need to get as many signatures as we can and we need to do this quickly because he is being moved to the prison hospital and his wife will be 5 hours away from him with financial strains preventing her from travel. Please share this and help us get this man a medical release. The following is our Petition:

Members of the Board of Parole, We have signed this petition and brought it before you today to ask that you grant a medical release based on Chapter 947.149 section (b) “Terminally ill inmate,” which means an inmate who has a condition caused by injury, disease, or illness which, to a reasonable degree of medical certainty, renders the inmate terminally ill to the extent that there can be no recovery and death is imminent, so that the inmate does not constitute a danger to herself or himself or others.” For Inmate Raymond Werner as he currently qualifies under these conditions. Raymond  was sentenced in 1979 to Florida Prison for the crime of Robbery and assault. He has seen the parole board several times only to be put off and put off and this last time he was  put him off for 7 years. Raymond had been ill for some time and even though he was seen by the Prison's medical he was still failing to get well. His wife was told he was fine, he was told he was fine. Raymond’s health was failing and he was having a hard time breathing and was finally transported to a Hospital outside of the DOC two weeks ago where he was found to have cirrhosis of the Liver that had gone untreated and is life threatening as well as pneumonia and a mass on his lung even though he was supposedly given a chest xray 2 months prior by the DOC that was again "fine". The civilian physicians did a biopsy and informed his wife of her worse fear, Raymond is in the final stages of lung cancer and is now terminal. It is this illness that qualifies him for a medical release.  The DOC's answer is to ship him to a hospital in Lake Butler that is a 5 hour drive away from his wife and let him lay in there and die. His crime was 38 YEARS ago. 38 years and now he gets a death sentence as well. This is inhuman, not justice and you can not possible see it any other way.  We are asking that you please grant him release so he can be home with his wife. This man is 65 years old and dying. He is in no way a threat to anyone and as citizens in this state we are coming together before you to request you please let this man die at home with his family because he has served beyond the justified time already and any further time would be a violation of their 8th amendment right.



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