Justice for the Murder of Corey Lauramore

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What if someone you love was murdered? What if it was your brother, cousin, nephew, or son? What if the whole thing was a set up?

Please read and sign this petition demanding a  murderer to be punished and get these boys home to their mother so that this family can try to heal

This can easily happen to anyone of us. What if it was your loved one?

We the people ask the administration to provide an investigation into the murder of Corey Lauramore and request all charges against William Lauramore, Joseph Albino, Zachary Bell, and Christian Watkins, along with Cayden Lauramore and an Unamed Minor  be dropped due to lack of evidence against the accused. On April 15, 2018 at approximately 4:00 am the Baker County Sheriff’s office (BCSO) responded to shots being fired at 9368 County Road 125 Glen St Mary, Florida. Corey Lauramore was shot and killed while William Lauramore, Joseph Albino, Zachary Bell, and Christian Watkins, along with Cayden Lauramore and another unnamed juvenile, have been charged with burglary of an occupied dwelling with a firearm and second-degree murder by Florida law regarding a death in result of committing a felony. The official statement provided by BSCO was that the sleeping people in the home were awakened as the accused banged on the door yelling “sheriff’s office!”. Those in the home statedthat they immediately grabbed weapons to defend themselves leading to a shootout. None of those in the home, allegedly being caught unaware, were injured; however, several of the accused were injured and one was killed. The residents of the home did not call 911 until the accused had already been detained by police. It was a neighbor who first called 911, then called asecond time stating there were shots continuously being fired during which time the BCSO already had the accused detained. The residents made videos on social media prior to police arrival which exhibits blood on the porch outside indicating the accused did not enter the home which negated the original charges against the accused of a home invasion. The videos also show a man talking about the incident just after it occurred, you will see his body and hear his voice, however BCSO states this man was not at the scene when the incident occurred. Evidence at the scene and on social media prior to and since April 15, 2018, which BCSO will not review, proves that this was a premeditated attack planned by the man that BCSO does not place on the scene. This man has an association to an investigator on this case, which is a conflictof interest, and is also rumored to be a protected informant for the BCSO. BCSO has discriminated against and harassed the Lauramore family since 2016 due to a family member’s guilt in a nationally publicized case that they were not involved in. Corey’s mother, Tina Lauramore, made a complaint to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) in January2017 due to excessive force used by police when they arrested Corey Lauramore as a suspect for a crime he did not commit, and the charges were later dropped when evidence revealed he was out of state at the time of the crime. Some of the evidence against the man who law BCSO claims was not involved:The man sent Corey Lauramore, and the other individuals involved, threatening messages and videos prior to the incident. He has stated on social media accounts to the public and via private messages to the parents of the victim, that he was a shooter in this incident and that he killed someone. He made comments that his target was Corey Lauramore’s brother William instead,
and publicly boasted about the victims begging him to stop shooting so they could transfer their slain brother to their car. This man also has a history of violence and prior charges. In December of 2014 he was charged with first degree battery. This man and four accomplices committed this act in retaliation as he believes the victims were setting him up to rob him. This man stated in the warrant affidavit, from Alachua county, that he believed he would get better results on his own rather than enlisting the assistance of the police. In November of 2015, also in Alachua county, he was charged with aggravated assault and improper exhibition of a firearm for aiming a loaded AK-47rifle at several individuals in a parking lot as he claimed to have heard his girlfriend was involved in an altercation with another woman. The charges were dropped over two years later due to a failure to locate witnesses. According the BCSO he was not at the scene, but they confirmed his brother was present at the home. Later that morning, the man posted a picture of he and his brother onto social media in an interrogation room together. This could have allowed them time to collaborate their story with each other and those involved during questioning. The BCSO has not done an inclusive investigation and they refuse to speak to the families of the accused, review any phone or social media evidence, or look at the case logically. There is no evidence other than the statements of those at the home that would support a case of burglary. The incident began with a disagreement over a girl and the man was afraid of a physical altercation with one of the accused and resorted to using a gun; similar to the cases in both 2014 and 2015. Evidence suggests the man used those living in the home, who were mutual acquaintances of the accused, to invite them over and upon stepping up to the door they were fired upon. It appears to be more like a premeditated assault and murder than a case of burglary. The cause of death for Corey Lauramore was a gunshot wound to his face at close range. While trying to drag the fatally wounded Corey to the car, his brother William was shot in the back of the neck and the unnamed juvenile trying to assist was shot five times himself. This is also consistent with the killers bragging on social media of how William Lauramore begged the shooting to stop so he could retrieve his brother Corey. The residents were awakened to people coming into the home shooting, however they hesitate to call 911; instead they post videos to their social media accounts of the crime scene stating, “I toldthem this would happen!”. The man has stated previously that he would shoot the Lauramore boys via social media, video messages, and text messages over a period of several months. BCSO has not confirmed through ballistics reports or gunshot residue tests whether any of the accused had a gun or if they even fired one. Those who claimed to be sleeping in the house were uninjured however photographs they posted the next day showcase bullet holes all over the wallsof the mobile home. Illogically, the man claiming not to have been at the scene admits to being there on his social media accounts and, to the relatives of the accused, that he was a shooter and the killer. We believe this was a premediated murder. We believe the killer and the others in the home did not call police as they needed time to make it seem as if the Lauramore boys and their friends
were trying to commit a burglary while the residents acted upon Florida’s stand your ground law.We also believe BCSO have decided their case based on the statements of those who were at the home and are not doing an inclusive investigation of the incident. These young men may have made some bad choices; however, their intent was not to commit a home invasion nor a burglary. The accused have lost a friend, a brother, and a mother grieves while her two remaining sons sit in jail awaiting a trial. Their mother, Corey, and the others involved deserve a comprehensive investigation by law enforcement that is unbiased and does not have any association with those involved.