HELP Lake Okeechobee NOW Protect Coastal Wildlife RESTORE funding Environmental Regulators

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It's July 31, 2018. Checking social media and my friends in Florida have just shared the most heartbreaking images of dead, coastal wildlife. Everything from manatees, to turtles, stingrays,  dolphins suffocating under blooms of toxic algae. According to the Miami Herald Newsource article written by Jenny Staletovich, " microcystins that are, between 172 parts per billion and 1,970 parts per billion,  many times higher than the 4 parts per billion the EPA considers safe."  This comes after releases were made to the Caloosahatchee, Lake Okeechobee community where residents have become ill, and photos abound online of an epidemic of dying wildlife that residents fear are being deliberately disregarded.  Areas like St. Lucie and neighboring communities have watched their turquoise waters vanish, replaced by kelly green murky waters, and wildlife suffocating demise beneath  the algae. The community is requesting immediate action and honest discussion to implement immediate action and care for Florida's ecosystems,  residents and all who are concerned by the faulty infrastructure,  lack of planning and prevention to protect the areas from septic tanks that are leaking and other water runoff, and or dumping of waters from the dike that are full of these kinds of harmful algae, and are concerned for long-term effects of what this means for the estuary,  why the topic isn't a point of discussion for politicians who want favorable election results,  but seem unconcerned for contaminated waters, sick residents,  and dying wildlife. We would be honored if you would consider signing this petition to show your support for Florida, the Everglades and all who live there,  regardless of whether you reside in Florida,  or not. FLORIDA leadership,  please consider efficacy and ethics, and protect this heritage the next generation is set to inherit, aside from profiteering.