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Put cameras in our children's classrooms.


Supporting cameras in our children's classrooms is to keep them safe. This petition is asking for something that is long overdue.  

There are cameras everywhere! On the streets to stop red light runners, on the toll roads to catch violators, stores to catch thieves and even at our jobs for security purposes. Many times we protect our homes and even vehicles this way.... why not our children?  

Many parents favor daycares with cameras. Many are able to securely log into their child's classroom to see what goes on.  This gives the parent a great sense of security. Do you leave your child alone for hours on end even when your home and not check on them? Chances are you said no. Do you know what goes on at school? No!  Does that make you a little nervous? Many adults you don't know dealing with your child telling them whatever they desire.  

While I would like to believe in the goodness of people, the fact remains there are prisons for a reason! So if you don't know what your child is doing, another question; the other kids - the ones you didn't raise - how are they treating your child? Is your child going to be the one that commits suicide because they are afraid to speak up? Does your sweet kid bully innocent children at school or are they the one that's is in the corner beat down? Or maybe the one that stands on the sideline and watches? Hopefully they're the one doing the right thing... but who truly knows? Wouldn't you like the opportunity to see into the looking glass and possibly be able to save your child before they are gone forever?  

The loss of innocence can easily happen. Sometimes children may find themselves in compromising situations with other students or even at the mercy of a teacher. You would like to believe that this wouldn't be your child either but the facts speak for themselves. Some teachers and students have sex. This is documented in the following links. Sometimes the student may feel special, may like it, may hide it or hopefully they stage a full out protest on the teacher but this generally doesn't happen.  

Be clear though students of all ages can be involved in sexual behavior/harassment and not know it. They may know it's not right although this doesn't stop the behavior. Ever been asked to join a secret club in kindergarten?  Well for some it's not membership dues they are seeking. Children do get molested and they bring the behavior to the playground.

It's horrible when children don't even know that they are being abused or being taken advantage of, because how can they ask for help if they don't know whats going on? For example earlier this year in California a teacher blindfolded kindergarten children and fed them semen topped cookies and spoon fed them other white substances also placing cockroaches on their faces. Then about a week later another teacher at the same elementary school got arrested for suspicion of committing lewd acts on children.  

There could be times when a student accuses a teacher of an act or if a teacher disciplines a student. In either instance the footage would serve as visual evidence to determine the truth behind what may of actually happened. Remember there are three sides to every story. Side A, Side B and the truth.  

There's this time in a child's life it seems to me that it happens in the middle of 6th grade - the kids seem to start creating their own identity and establishing real friend relationships. This is can be a starting time for not only sexually behavior but drugs and alcohol. I remember girls drinking in the bathroom and I'm talking bottles, the big ones. Some kids may not be doing drugs but may bring them to schools to try and show off.  

Sometimes too kids will steal from their parents to give to their friends. Some kids take property, some take drugs. I want to protect my child from the kid who brings in their parents gun or stash to school.  

Killings on campus although rare, it does happen. This could serve as a life saving tool. If someone had a weapon the school would be able to respond quicker and know where the incident was occurring on the campus.  

Why would you not protect your child? Our children are going to be the next leaders, they need to be protected. Anything that occurs within those four walls should be seen without censorship whatsoever.  


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