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Discontinue the use of the FCAT.

Every student from 4th-10th grade in the State of Florida is required to take the FCAT. It is a standardized test that is a graduation requirement for every student in the state. While this has some positive aspects, many students are finding the FCAT causes them to just fall further and further behind. It makes them feel stupid when they cannot pass, and it often makes them feel inferior. Not only that, I feel the FCAT does not accurately represent a person's learning ability. For example, I know of one student who has a very high GPA and cannot pass the FCAT. Adversely, I know of another student that has a very low GPA and passes the FCAT year after year. Is this fair that the student doing better in their classes be held back because of this test? Of course not. I am asking the Florida Department of Education to discontinue it's use of the FCAT and seek more effective ways to determine which students advance and which do not.

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