Change to create opportunities. ACT/SAT available in more languages.

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ACT/ SAT even is an option to graduate its still difficult for foreign student because they limit their capacity and may not be able to show their abilities and losing the opportunity to find universities after them graduate.

1. Many foreign students who came early to school doesn’t have the ability to speak English.

2. Discourage students to graduate or go to college.

3. Dictionary and extra time are not enough.

 I would be most Florida residents, foreign citizens and to the competent authorities responsible for carrying out this process.

Some counterclaims could be that: 

1. The resources invested to carry out the change would be very high.

2.  The qualification process would be later.

3.  Difficulty in obtaining qualified staff and speaking these languages.

4. The tests are supposed to be taken in the official language of the nation.

But we think that investing more time and other resources to project and plan exams is not an inconvenience to the possibility that this change could create many benefits for people who plan to go to university and to the nation. Countries around the world would focus on our countries because of the potential of students, and more opportunities to get a job would be open.

For that reasons we want to get the support of all residents of the Florida make a union and support us of the movement to change the ways they are.