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Florida Department of Correction: Felony probation

RE: Violation of Probation
Casey Marie Anthony

To whom is may concern:

It is clear and obvious to the American public that Casey Marie Anthony is using the internet as a tool to violate the rules of her probation. She has numerous "fake" profiles online and she has been corresponding with a convicted felon by the name of Rob Hensley.

Is was clear on last months probation report that she falsely reported to her probation officer that her computer account was hacked and someone released a video and pictures of her on the internet. Shortly, after she pulled this stunt of corresponding with a convicted felon in order to make money off the release of this video and these pictures. She went to her probation officer and lied. No one hacked Casey Anthony's computer. Casey Anthony is trying to make money that she had NO intent of reporting( this income to Probation) to the Courts or the IRS all of whom she owes money to.

When it was discovered by her defense team and others that she indeed was corresponding with Rob Hensley a convicted felon. She went on to make other arrangements to go through a friend of his. This is when Holly Briley appeared on the scene so that it would not appear that Casey Anthony was carrying on a conversation and in contact with the convicted felon. Convicted felons who are on probation are NOT allowed to have contact with other convicted felons for any reason. If in deed this does occur that is considered a violation of the felony probation that Casey Anthony is on for committing several criminal acts that led to her being convicted of numerous felonies for check fraud.

Holly Briley went on Nation wide television to tell the world that she was the "go between" on the release of this video and these pictures of Casey Anthony. She claims that Casey Anthony was directly involved and she was to be paid over 50 grand for these releases. Instead Holly Briely choose to keep the money she got and opted to NOT share it with Casey Anthony.

Casey Anthony cannot tell anyone about this because it would release the facts that she had indeed conspired with another convicted felon to come up with this scheme to profit off the death of Caylee Marie. The only reason she felt the need to release videos of herself and pictures of herself to the public was for one reason. She has been acquitted of the murder of Caylee Marie and she abuses that acquittal to make money off the murder she committed. Holly Briley operated a site on the internet to BOYCOTT those who tried to profit off the death of Caylee Marie. But, instead Holly Briley took the 50 grand and bragged that it was better for her to keep it then for Casey Anthony to get it.

Please sign the petition so the Florida Department of Corrections will be forced to investigate these claims and allegations. If violated on the terms of her probation she will be incarcerated.

Casey Anthony was required to attend school and or work as a order of her probation. Is this considered work by the Florida Department of Corrections or according to her order of probation?
Casey Anthony has find a unique tool to sell her wares on the internet and leave it to one convicted felon to find another to help her complete this Scam.
She also bragged in her video that she would be getting off her probation in February is that to pour salt in the wounds of those who support the victim in this case and are sick and tired of her gettins speical treatment. Casey Anthony is not entitled to any special treatment. She is a convited felon who doe snot think she needs to follow the rules of society nor does she feel the need to follow the orders of the law and the courts.

We the People who seek Justice for Caylee Marie are requesting the Florida Department of Correction to do an indepth investigation on this internet scam and Casey Anthonys connection to Rob Hensley and her scam to sell photos of herself online.


We the People seeking Justice for Caylee Marie Anthony

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