Reunite the Brico Babies With Their Mama

I had dealt with DCFS/CPS in Provo, Utah since 1998-2009 with everyone of my children (5) one of my children passed away in 2009/09/2007. They year families apart and if people only knew they make so much money by adopting out children. I was 16years old and after that they had never offered me resources I could of needed. Finally in 2007 I had a case manager, support and offered many things to help me. I was young and didn't know anything about what was going on. They had it planned from the get go to take my rights of my children. They never did the welfare check first they just took it all by word from the exact same person Everytime. Who could of never passed a back ground check. I do not like how they deal with this. They make so much money by taking children. My son who passed away at 2 years old was born with BeckWiederman Syndrome. I found out everything about all my cases and transcripts by getting Grams request on all my children. I was so blown away. I support anyone who is standing up against DCFS. I reunited with my oldest after 17 years. He was abused neglected, abandoned and traumatized by the woman and man that adopted him. He disowns them and he is now in my life. It's great. I'm so upset what he went through. I would like to be a advocate or help support people going through these situations.

Jess S, Provo, UT, United States
6 months ago
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