Help create the BKK Law. Guilty cops should receive double time for abusing the badge!

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Feeling let down!!! Let down by people who we are suppose to trust. When we were kids everyone told us to find a cop if you got lost or if someone hurt you. My mother taught me that no matter who it was or what they said they would do if you told; Just tell someone If someone touched or hurt us; Wrong is wrong no matter who it is! My mom said she did not care who. It could be your grandfather, dad, pastor, teacher, family friend or even a female! I don't recall hearing "cop". Because that who we go to for help, safety and protection!!! My family grew up with the sheriff dept. I worked at the jail my Senior year. Most of my family works or has worked for the sheriff dept. I have always held law enforcement and military personnel at a higher level in my eyes and heart. With saying that, today is a very sad day for me. I know there are still good law enforcement out there. They believe in the oath they took! People are human and humans make mistakes. That's life! Most will own up to their mistakes but some will not. With the events that happened today, I would like to start a petition for a new Law!! Anyone with a state license and takes an oath to protect and serve that is found guilty of abusing a minor in any way; will automatically double the minimum sentence time. We hold them to a different standard than civilians. We are suppose to respect them because of the title they hold. Now its time to get rid of the ones that don't respect the oath and their position. The BKK Law would protect the victims from a lot of back door deals and good old boys systems. Let's fight to keep our kids safe and show these oath takers that we will stand behind you as long as the laws are followed as excepted from all humans.

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