South Asia "Ground Zero of Flooding". Biggest Polluters Should Give 1% Gains to Build Dams

South Asia "Ground Zero of Flooding". Biggest Polluters Should Give 1% Gains to Build Dams

August 29, 2022
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Started by Muhammad Ali

Millions are Devastated, and Thousands are Killed in 2022 Floods. Biggest Polluting Factories and Countries Should Give 1% of Their Earnings or GDP to Build Dams and Flood Infrastructure to Third World Countries. 

The problem is that the world is just talking about the future implications of climate change and is not looking at today's ground reality. We hear the long-term effects of pollution but are simply ignoring what is happening today. Third-world countries are the ones who are suffering the most and do not have enough infrastructure to handle the environmental impact they are facing at the moment. Please read or watch the following videos:

Worst Flood in 150+ Years (Bangladesh, Pakistan, India):

33 million+ People Devastated and Thousands Died (Pakistan):

Tens of thousands of poor souls: women, children, and live animals drowned and died in less than a month in 2022 as a result of the severe floodings. Millions of people are homeless and are devastated by these floods. Their mud homes have washed away, family members are dead, crops are gone, and their lives are brutally shattered but no one is there to see why these floods are happening and what can be practically done today to overcome these crises. 

On the other hand, look how climate change is creating droughts in other parts of the world and impacting millions:

800+ Million People Don't Have to Eat Because of Climate Change and Droughts:

Solution for Today - THE CLIMATE PLEDGE

The countries & factories that are the biggest contributors to pollution can at least build dams in those countries that are severely impacted by floods and help with the flood planning and infrastructure to help third world countries counter the impact of climate change. With proper flood planning & water dams, the flood water can be stored and used in the future to produce electricity and can help millions of people for years to come. 
In Africa and other countries where drought is devastating millions, excess electricity produced through these dams can help people tremendously and help them get out of poverty. 

We all understand that even though we have been talking about pollution reduction for decades, it will still take some time for the world to properly address this massive problem and reverse the impact caused by excessive environmental pollution. Should we just keep watching these people die and face the atrocities of floods in one part of the world and hunger and drought in the other? There should be a strong movement to convince these biggest polluting countries and factories to contribute at least 1% of their GDP or shareholder earnings to those who are being suffered the most. If we will not speak for these poor souls who are dying every single day, who else will speak.....

United Nations...... it is time for action. Please conduct an emergency session of all the countries and pass a resolution to enforce the "United World Against Pollution" resolution to create and execute the "UWAP Fund" and let's build infrastructure in all third world countries to better handle the climate change devastations on hand. 

Our approach to convince the biggest polluting factories, companies, and countries will be in a way where these entities will pledge to support this cause (not enforced but pledged). Just like many billionaires have committed to "The Giving Pledge" where they are giving away almost all their money to good causes in the world, we can convince the biggest pollution contributors in the world to pledge to support our infrastructure and insurance fund. Let's call it "THE CLIMATE PLEDGE"

"United World Against Pollution Fund"

Step 1 - Get Funds:

Identify & classify all the polluters into pollution rating index (1 to 10 where 10 is worst). Polluters must be required to contribute based on their pollution level and earnings. 

Step 2 - Initiate Macro Projects:

Third world countries don't have enough to even feed and support their people. They are unable to initiate macro projects on their own to avert the effects of climate change. Such countries should apply to start macro projects to create dams and infrastructure based on the climate change effects. Countries should also participate 50% of the total project cost whereas the rest of the cost should come from this fund. All projects should complete with the least cost and most effectiveness under the supervision of the United Nations team of experts. 

Step 3 - Generate Income through Macro Projects to Help Polluting Companies Bring Internal Changes:

Countries should get 50% of the electricity and the rest of the electricity should be sold and used to uplift drought-affected areas. Polluting companies who contributed money to the fund should be incentivized to initiate internal projects to lower their pollution index ratings and the additional revenue generated through dams and macro projects should be given back to the contributing companies on dollar-to-dollar match. 

Above is a perfect cycle where almost all the contribution money will eventually go back to companies, dams and major infrastructure will be built to help the world, factories will be taking effective actions to become environmentally friendly and almost all the money they contributed will eventually come back to them. 

"United World Against Pollution Insurance"

Step 1 - Get Insurance Premium:

Identify & classify all the countries into pollution rating index (1 to 10 where 10 is the worst) based on how much per capita pollution countries generate. All countries should give a % of their GDP based on their earnings and their pollution rating index towards UWAP Insurance program. Countries should implement programs to go down on the pollution index to minimize their contribution. 

Step 2 - Help Immediately When Catastrophe Strikes:

It takes weeks and months after the catastrophe currently for donors to help the victims. United Nations should be ready to immediately help the countries wherever the catastrophe strikes and help the victims under the supervision of the United Nations through the insurance fund. 


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Signatures: 419Next Goal: 500
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