STOP Snowmobile Area Closures - Pemberton/Sea to Sky

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The Sea to Sky Land and Resource Management Plan - LRMP - has already closed MANY areas to SNOWMOBILERS in and around Pemberton.

We, a group of sledders, volunteers, and members of the Pemberton Valley Snowmobile Club, are in the mapping and information gathering phase to re-gain legal access to historical sled and sled-skiing areas. We need to prove how many sledders, and sled skiers, are accessing riding zones around Pemberton and the Sea to Sky. There are trail counters in place on a lot of access points to count users but WE NEED YOU to SIGN and SHARE this petition to show just how many of us are already effected if these closures are enforced.

Areas that are closed to sled access: Miller Bench, Ipsoot, Phelix Creek, Soo Valley, Salal, North Creek, South Creek, Lizzie Creek, SnowSpider, Twin One, Upper Sockeye, Birkenhead....THERE ARE MORE!!

Look under PLAN drop down menu for mapping 

What can you do?

1 - Sign and share this petition

2 - Become a member of the Pemberton Valley Snowmobile club - Full membership is $175 - we also have a SUPPORTER Membership available for $20 - this is not a membership campaign - we need concrete numbers on users and showing your support through membership is one more way.

3 - Follow Pemberton Valley Snowmobile Club on Facebook or Instagram for updates and Zoom meeting information.