Save rebuilt Eagle Pass Summit Fire Lookout! Stop the BC Government from demolishing it.

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The Eagle Pass Summit fire lookout, built in 1922, was rebuilt by enthusiasts, who did their due diligence in trying to get a permit. A Front Counter BC Government agent told them they didn't need a permit to rebuild an existing structure, so went ahead and rebuilt it. Now, "...representatives of Recreation Sites and Trails B.C. (part of the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations) learned of the cabin being rebuilt and indicated it could be torn down." The BC government are also investigating those who they say rebuilt it illegally.

The man who spearheaded this renovation with the verbal go ahead from the ministry has recently passed away due to a tragic snowmobile accident.

Rene St Onge should be honoured with the posthumous recognition of his work and approval of this structure as it sits for the benefit of future recreationists. It would be a shame, as well as seriously disrespectful of our history and those who work to preserve it, for the government to tear this structure down!

The Honourable Doug Donaldson is the BC Minister of Forests, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development. His email is:

Tim Sheldan is the Deputy Minister of Forests, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development. His office number is: 250-952-6500