FlixBus, please let small musical instruments in!

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Dear FlixBus Employees!

My name is Mark Kovnatskiy, I’m a violinist from Hamburg, Germany. I’m also a regular customer of your company for many years. When I travel on personal matters, I’m completely satisfied with the quality of service of your company. Unfortunately, when I need to go to another city for work, I encounter the following problem: I am not allowed to take my musical Instrument with me to the bus and I offer to pass it in the luggage. 

I believe that there is no need to talk about the fragility and sensitivity of musical instruments, and about the fact that handing them in the luggage is almost equivalent to their conscious destruction. 

The buses have shelves specifically designed for small-sized baggage, such as backpacks. Small instruments like violins, violas, small wind instruments, fit perfectly on these shelves. Besides, these shelves are almost always empty. 

On behalf of numerous colleagues of mine I ask you to change the rules for the transport of small musical instruments. That way you will only win, because now, facing the inability to take the instrument with into the bus as the carry-on luggage, musicians have to prefer alternative ways to your buses.

I sincerely hope for your understanding and cooperation.

Best wishes from Hamburg, sincerely yours,


Mark Kovnatsky.