Change Gladstone Library back the St Deiniol's Library

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St Deiniol's Library - within recent years renamed as Gladstone Library, after Prime Minister William Gladstone - is a centrepiece to the village of Hawarden, North Wales. However, the links to PM Gladstone are now even tighter affliated due to this name change.


William Gladstone came from a family of slave traders, with his first address as Prime Minister in the House of Commons arguing the slaveholders' case in the abolition of slavery debate; his opinion being influenced by the fact that his family was one of the largest slave-owning families in the country. Gladstone's estate was one of the beneficiaries of the reimbursement to slave owners up until recently, £83 million being paid back up until 2015 because of their loss of slaves. 


With the recent Black Lives Matter protests, a symbol of such oppression is not what our village supports. His history in building the library and initiating the collection of books held there are impactful yes, however the glorification of a man known to negatively impacted the BAME peoples in our community cannot be celebrated. The library is a place of great knowledge within our community and is something many of us hold dear to our hearts, the change in name would be progress our community so desires.