Better Food at The Nueva School

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It is well known across the globe that cafeteria food is atrocious. But, unfortunately, there are several reasons for the fact that it cannot be simply fixed. Most prominently, public schools do not have money, or enough to bring healthy, palatable foods to their attendees.

But this excuse is of nothing to The Nueva School, in Hillsborough, California. Tuition there is over $40,000 a year. To put in in perspective, the average private university will set one back less than $35,000 a year. The Nueva School, every lunch, charges students a highway robbery of nine dollars on top of the 40,000! Just for a plate of food!

And, of course, the food. The reason for this petition. Let us start with the meat. Several times over the course of the year, chicken and beef has been terribly undercooked. This can lead to a number of frightening ailments, including but not limited to Salmonella, hypernatremia, E. coli, and many more. Secondly, the meat has often not been deboned, leading to cuts and tooth pain. The meat at The Nueva School has several problems that need to be fixed.

But the bigger problem is not that of meat. It is that of the food that does not contain meat. The Nueva School, as it rightly should, offers vegetarian alternatives to all meat dishes. But the taste and quality of the food is subpar. For example, a common substitute for meat is tofu. And even those who eat meat agree, as one said, "Tofu is delicious when cooked and seasoned correctly." Yet Nueva's tofu is beastly. The flavors contrast and clash and the only victims are those who eat it. Nueva, charging $9.00 a meal, can definitely afford to upgrade the quality of its tofu, or at least give vegetarians more choice.

We, the students of The Nueva School beg you to help us achieve what we want for our body.

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