Mandate Proper Antiracism Training for Fleming's Police Foundations Students

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Students at Fleming College who are in programs such as Mental Health and Addictions and Social Service Work are mandated to take a class titled Power, Privilege and Oppression.

This class teaches students about the oppression of marginalized groups on all levels personal, cultural and structural and teaches those enrolled how to not take advantage of your power over your clients because of your status in your role as a professional and privilege you hold. It teaches you how to identify your biases, stigmas and deep-seated belief systems and challenge them through self-reflection in order to not promote oppressive behaviour in your future work. It teaches you how to be an ally and how to recognize and help dismantle systemic oppression. 

Police Foundations students at Fleming are NOT mandated to take this class.

With the emergence of the Black Lives Matter Movement, it is more prominent than ever that this change needs to happen NOW.

Racism, prejudice and police brutality are very real issues here in Canada and if you want to make a change, I suggest you start with your community.

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