Flashing crosswalk lights & streetlight

Flashing crosswalk lights & streetlight

June 2, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Petition For Street Lamp/Crosswalk With Flashing Lights On The Corner Of 3100 West And 4975 South

In the last year we have witnessed multiple issues concerning the intersection of 3100 West and 4975 South. This intersection is unsafe, and we would like to see proactive changes made to ensure the safety of our neighborhood rather than a reactive solution to an incident involving harm to an innocent person. 

The two things we would like to see added are a streetlamp to give light to the intersection when it is dark, and a crosswalk with flashing lights to make it more obvious that someone is crossing.

Issues observed at this intersection

• A child was crossing 3100 West from the East and heading West toward 4975 South when she was hit by a car that was not paying attention.
• A car was rear ended that was stopped at the intersection waiting for someone to cross.
• Multiple times we have seen cars drive around cars that are stopped to let someone cross the street.
• Multiple times we have seen cars lock their brakes up to avoid hitting someone crossing the crosswalk.
• During the school year, children from the neighborhoods to the west of this intersection funnel to this cross walk to get to and from school. This is a VERY busy walkway.
• At night, this intersection is pitch black, there are no lights to illuminate the crosswalk for cars to see someone walkingacross it. 
• Multiple times we have witnessed people street racing down 3100 (It was reported)
• Multiple times we have witnessed cars driving at freeway speeds down 3100 (It was reported)
• Kids have a crossing guard at 4800 South, but they are forced to cross without one when they get to 4975 South Due to there being no sidewalk to use on the West side of the street. 
• Between school children, families going to church, families going on walks, etc. there are hundreds of individuals that use this crosswalk whose safety is consistently put at risk. 
By signing, I am agreeing that the intersection of 3100 West and 4975 South is unsafe and in need of a streetlamp and a cross walk with flashing lights.

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Signatures: 15Next Goal: 25
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