Flare Finance - Zero communication and lying about AD ratio, betraying the community.

Flare Finance - Zero communication and lying about AD ratio, betraying the community.

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Why this petition matters

Started by Jazu Whitt

The entity flare finance has had a history of banning community members who speak out against them and disparaging/overlooking genuine concerns when it comes to communication and the overall project management of their project.

Very recently Flare Finance not only gave zero communication for dozens of hours and made various people from Oceania and other places around the world stay up all night and for hours waiting for news on when this AD was going to take place they instead banned dozens of people for voicing concerns on their discord without warning via DM and even that January 1st date was broken.

General incompetence and radio silence/disrespecting the community is one thing but they managed to do something not even most XRPL meme coins steep to and that is lying about the AD ratio and only releasing the information after the distribution is already happening and despite giving information WEEKS in advance of a AD ratio in the 200-230 range they went as far to LOWER that range another week ago to sub 200 and despite this and ZERO information given up until 10 minutes after the AD was being dropped they say the ratio has been changed and they can't speak about it and from most accounts using mathematics of the SGB stored in wallets and what is being given out that ratio seems to be in the 309 : 1 range.


People may say "well, it's free money!" but this couldn't be farther from the truth.

As many of you know the EXFI AD was the total catalyst for the recent crash from above $0.50 SGB all the way down to record lows of $0.17 and due to the information given by Flare Finance that the ratio was indeed in the 200-230 range many people chose to allocate tens of thousands of SGB going by the official statement of Flare Finance and when SGB lost more than half of it's valued overnight people accounted for this and it was fine because the allocation Flare Finance OFFICIALLY stated was in the 200-230 range.

Thousands of dollars lost in SGB value and the absolute DESTRUCTION of the SGB price chart entirely at the hands of the #EXFI airdrop propagated by Flare Finance they completely went the extra mile to LIE to not only the last minute but AFTER the distributions were already going out by cutting our expected AD of EXFI by an entire third and thus putting aside all of the bad communication and general PR nightmares they managed to cause people to lose tens of thousands of dollars, crashed the entire SGB price chart and stability AND gave less than the promised allocation of EXFI.


This type of complete disregard for consequences and clear betrayal of the good will of their community which some of us such as myself have been here since day 1 cannot go unanswered for and there needs to be clear changes when it comes to the complete and utter incompetence of the current project lead/manager of Flare Finance and improvements to both their overall planning and approach to PR.


Take a stand and make your voice heard by signing up to this petition, there are thousands of us who have been betrayed and lied to by this project who had our loyal support since day one and while one of us may struggle to make noise if we stand together we can actually improve this ecosystem for the better.

Because the alternative is allowing this clear betrayal of trust and mismanagement go unanswered and doing so will set a terrible precedent for the Flare ecosystem as a whole.

16 have signed. Let’s get to 25!